Designing Fabrics for the 21st Century


Some Recent Comments from Master Class Students

This course was all I hoped it would be.
Janet's teaching methods are excellent.  She is a very experienced weave designer and teacher and covers the whole area of weave design very comprehensively, but with flexibility.  She tailors the course very well to match students' varying experiences, requirements and interests.
The whole course is challenging and Janet sets high standards so you have to be prepared to put in a lot of effort, but you get out what you put in.
The studio is a superb teaching environment and a great resource of books, magazines and materials.  It was greatly appreciated that we could come and go at anytime outside the main teaching day.  
The village of Nether Stowey and the local area are wonderful - what a joy to visit such a lovely place on a regular basis and Janet and her husband Nigel were so friendly and welcoming.
Pam Hall, Cumbria. November 2014
This is the best course I have ever attended. My aim was to learn to design and I feel I have achieved this 100%.
Mirja Woollard , Devon. November 2014
The course has equipped me with so many tools and more so has convinced me that weaving is what I want to do. Now I've just got to make it happen.  You"re such an inspiring teacher - thank you.
Andrea Klar, Austria. January 2015
Thank you for Master Class – it has been a truly amazing experience, one which taught me more than I could have hoped and has given me the chance to explore my creativity.
Joan Scriven, Surrey.  June 2013


Thank you so much for being such an inspirational tutor who has pushed me the limits of my creativity and beyond.
Christine Wheeler, Suffolk.  June 2013

Thank you so much for your time, enthusiasm and patience.  I have learnt so much, more than I thought possible in two years!  Very best wishes, may Master Class go from strength to strength.
Marilyn Burton, Bristol.  January 2013
I am now preparing my first warp for something that is not an assignment!! It is a scarf for a friend's 60th birthday and based on his colour preference with a bit of brightness thrown in, as I did not want it to look too beige.

I have enjoyed going through the process of planning the design focusing on the
- choice of yarn
- weave structure (based on the eight shaft samplers)
- colours (from the colour wheel and card winds to consider which contrast to use and in what proportions)
- The sett (based on the different samplers using the same yarn)
I have been able to plan out the whole thing and come up with a design and now I am doing it. Very enjoyable and I have no worries about putting on the warps now.

I really feel that I have made a leap forward after the last workshop session, and that it has pulled all the things that we have been working on together and set me up to be able to design from start to finish.

Sue Briggs, Taunton