Designing Fabrics for the 21st Century


Graduate Roll of Honour

I am delighted to announce that the following students have successfully completed the two-year Master Class programme.

Deborah Briggs from Canada
Sue Browne from Suffolk
Alison Sharman from Lancashire
Sue Wallis from Cambridge
Graduation date: 7 October 2015

Pam Jones from Luxembourg
Jennifer Warren from Cambridge
Ann Fox from Wales
Graduation date: 19 March 2015

Pam Hall from Cumbria
Andrea Klar from Austria
Mirja Woollard from Devon
Graduation date: 5 November 2014

Maggie Roberts from Taunton
Joan Scriven from Surrey
Christine Wheeler from Suffolk
Graduation date: 16 July 2013

Sue Briggs from Taunton
Marilyn Burton from Bristol
Gillian Militis from Jersey
Graduation date: 23 January 2013

Congratulations to them all. I wish them every success in their future weaving careers.

Janet Phillips