Reviews for Designing Woven Fabrics

The author of this book, a designer of hand-woven fabrics of more than 30 years’ standing and a freelance lecturer, proceeds like a good instructor of a weaving class. Part one of this book presents the many variations possible in a 2/2 twill, woven by means of 4 shafts in the form of a blanket to produce numerous weaving patterns. Limitation to a simple basic weave allows beginners to follow the text explanations more easily. In part two of her book, the author describes how to use design elements, such as colour, yarns and threading and lifting of the warp threads, to make a particular weaving structure into a beautiful fabric with a good drape. Part three expands upon this approach with 50 examples developed from these weaving patterns. Janet Phillips would like nothing better that for readers to begin experimenting themselves.


This is the book, which is going to be by my side as I move from exploring weave structures to designing fabrics. It’s based not just on Janet’s knowledge of weaving, but also her knowledge from many years of teaching hand weaving. She explains things in her own way and is very thorough and careful in her writing. She doesn’t talk down to the reader, nor does she assume any more than a basic ability to warp up and weave and four shafts to play with.

DOROTHY LUMB fibre2fabric

There are few weave structures as versatile as four-shaft twill. Janet Phillips makes this structure the basis for her book. “The third section is perhaps the best section of the book. It includes instructions for fifty actual projects – beautiful fabrics that illustrate the design concepts presented earlier in the book. These simple twills combined with a variety of yarns and setts will provide any weaver with an unlimited number of design ideas to use for years to come.

ROBYN SPADY - HANDWOVEN MAGAZINE (Interweave Press) – December 2008

Janet Phillips’ book is truly an inspiration for weavers and an absolute joy. It is made for any weaver from beginners to advance. ..… The second part takes you into a secure way of designing your own weaving. There are lots of great help ideas.” “A must for every weaver’s bookshelf! Thanks Janet for creating something so beautiful.”

URSULA STEHLE – Brisbane, Australia – December 2008

This is an exceptional book that contains information about textile design and weaving techniques, some of which were new to me.” ….. “The sample blanket creates a reference for the weaver or more accurately the base recipe that you can adjust to your own flavour. The author has written it with a generosity and warmth that will appeal to new weavers as well as delight hardened ones like me!”

KAZ MADIGAN - - March 2008

KATHERINE LOOPER - - September 2008

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